Q: When I power up my dash cam I get a window that says “Memory Error”

A: The device will display that error message when the SD card has not been inserted or the SD needs to be reformatted. To reformat the SD card:

1. Attach the SD card to the PC. (This can be done either with the SD card slot on the PC or with the SD inserted into the device and the device attached to the PC

2. Locate the SD card in the My Computer file tree. It will be listed as a removable disk. (If connected to the PC via the Device, there will be 2 drives listed, make sure you are looking at the SD card rather than the drive that represents the device itself.

3. Right click the drive and select format.

4. When the formatter pops up make sure the "Quick Format" box is checked and then click start.

5. Once the format is complete, retry recording with the device.

If this has no effect, please try an alternate SD card in the device, if that too fails to solve the issue it may indicate an internal error in the device itself.