64GB SD card Formatting Guide

Some devices offer support for a 64Gb SD card. These devices will require you to format the card to FAT32 formatting.

Now for that to work properly first we need to format the card to NTFS. Insert the card into your PC and it will pop up as a removable disk:
In this image the SD card I am using is labeled as removable disk (F:. Now, to format this disk into NTFS I am going to right click the disk and select format from the menu. That will take me to this screen:
Our main concern is with the section for File system. When you open up the formatter it will be in it's default configuration. We want to click the dropdown menu and select NTFS:
Once you have selected NTFS, make sure the quick format box is checked and then click start. This will format the card into NTFS and allow us to format it to FAT32 for use in our device.
We will need a specialized format utility for this, and we use this one:

Once the utility has been downloaded, run the utility, it will look like this:
At the top, select the drive for your 64Gb card, then simply click start. Once this has finished formatting your card will be in FAT32 and be ready for use.